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Revolutionary Rent Collection

Life without rent worries

Imagine life without rent worries

We do what we do because we believe paying rent and collecting rent shouldn't be things to worry about.

Elegant and simple

An elegant and simple solution

PAID & CO enables tenants and letting agents to pay and be paid more reliably, transparently and securely without the hassle of cash, cheques or standing orders.

Easier payments for everyone

For easier payments for everyone

Our reminders help tenants pay on time every month and our notifications share the good news when rent is collected.  


Rent worries

Stop right here.

Collecting rents can be time consuming.  Payments by standing order have to be reconciled against bank statements and missing or partial payments and other exceptions chased up through letters and phone calls.  We believe in automating rent collection and making life worry free for landlords, agents and tenants. 

Solved simply

Through direct debit rent collection. Our letting agent platform uses secure Direct Debit technology to make it easier for your tenants to make payments.  It takes only 10 minutes to set up scheduled payments for the life of the tenancy.  

Friendly text messages remind tenants in advance of every rent payment, giving opportunity to make sure they have funds in place.

Our MI dashboard provides easy & clear reconciliation of rent due against rent collected.

If a payment can't be collected when the rent is due we automatically notify the tenant, and optionally the landlord and agent, then retry the payment three days later.  


Our pricing is simple; any retries, all notifications and reminders are included in one fee per collection

Who are PAID & CO?

PAID & CO is part of the Barbon Insurance Group.

We are a team that care about making renting easier.